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Generate and store solar energy

Our mission is to provide you with a reliable power supply
Especially because power outages occur frequently. Our affordable and high-quality solar panels help you become less dependent on the unpredictable power grid. Our experts offer personalized advice, enabling you to maximize the benefits of solar energy, which is good for both your wallet and the environment.

Soly’s home battery
With the home battery you become even less dependent on the grid. This battery stores the solar energy generated during the day, allowing you to have power in the evenings or on cloudy days. If there is a power outage, you still have energy thanks to the home battery.

Choosing Soly’s solar panels and home battery
By choosing both, you not only generate your own energy but also have the ability to store it. As a result, you can be up to 70% less dependent on the energy grid.

30.000+ customers
More than 30,000 satisfied customers chose Soly.
At Soly, we are proud to share that we have been serving more than 30,000 satisfied customers. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our success.
4-week installation time
We install our products within 4 weeks.
Thanks to our certified installers, who are active throughout the country, you don't have to wait long to benefit from renewable energy.
10 years of experience
We have been a leader in the solar energy market since 2013.
We have helped countless homes and businesses switch to clean, green solar energy, not only saving them money, but also making a positive impact on the environment.

Read here what our customers think of Soly.

Extremely Delighted

We are extremely delighted with the installation provided by SOLY South Africa and feel a profound sense of relief knowing that we now have a reliable and efficient alternative source of electricity to power our Guesthouse in the heart of the Winelands.
Caspar Venter

Excellent service

We received excellent service from Soly South Africa with installations of our solar system. Without the arrangement we would not have been able to afford solar systems. Our electricity costs have also been reduced by 90% since installation.
Jackie Coetzee

Leasing solar panels

Soly enables me to manage my land practice activities in a meaningful and cost-effective way through risk-free financing, professional installation, and maintenance with purpose.
Jannie Nieuwoudt

Much appreciated

Soly gave us excellent service at a very reasonable price. Installed in one day and very professionally. Thank you to Bass, George and JP much appreciated.
Martin Offersen

    Solar panels

    550Wp power and 25 years product warranty
    Buying from
    R 64.250
    Monthly rent
    R 2.688

    Solar battery

    Up to 15kW storage capacity and 15 years product warranty
    Buying from
    R 81.144
    Monthly rent


    We offer custom solar packages that meet your needs
    Buying from
    R 129.000
    Monthly rent
    Finance options are available on all our products
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    A reliable and sustainable source of energy
    We only install Tier-1 products
    The safest products in the market
    Prevent the problem of grid congestion and power outages at your home

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    Installation Day

    On the agreed day, we will come to install the products.


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      Our projects

      Take a look at our completed projects
      We enjoy working with our customers. We work together to achieve the best results, as you can see on the project page. An overview of the assignments we have successfully completed so far. And, not unimportantly, a representation of how our customers are already saving up a lot of money. This is the future, we are ready for it! Are you?

      Solar Energy in South Africa

      We want everyone in South Africa to harness the energy of the sun, even businesses who are unable to invest or don’t have a roof suitable for solar panels available. We fight climate change by going the extra mile.

      South Africa has already been experiencing heat waves, dry spells, fires, heavy rainfall and droughts. The science is irrefutable, the African continent will be hit the hardest by climate change. It is precisely for this reason that we are extra motivated to make solar energy accessible for as many consumers and companies as possible.

      Your solar power, our promise

      The world is rapidly moving towards a decentralized, independent energy system. With energy generation currently dominated by coal, South Africa needs to catch up, especially with renewable energy alternatives being cheaper and more accessible than ever before.

      To this day, Soly has helped 30 000 people make the switch to Solar energy. Your time is now. No more load-shedding disruptions, no more costly electricity bills, no more dependency on the grid. Time for more control, freedom and financial stability. Time to go Solar!


      Soly South Africa features on Ontbytsake, Kyknet

      Watch the Soly team combine their sustainability goals with their clients.

      We have created different solutions for various businesses to help save on electricity costs, ease the risk of load shedding and decrease their carbon footprint. On every occasion we tend to focus on successfully building long term relationships, by consistently implementing the wishes of our customers. Together we can make sure your business is ready for the next step at every opportunity.

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      Knowledge base

      We have a knowledge base. Here we tell you all about our products, guarantees and fun facts about solar energy. We have already selected three articles.
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      To ensure a continuous supply of clean energy, hybrid solar systems have emerged, combining solar panels with energy storage solutions like batteries.
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      In South Africa, businesses, including commercial and corporate enterprises, face the challenge of unreliable electricity supply.
      What is the solar panel Peak Power?
      When opting for solar purchase or solar lease, then the term Peak Power comes around all of the time. What are we talking about when discussing the Peak Power of solar panels?

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