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A sample of our solar energy work

We have listed some commissioned projects and projects that are in progress. Browse below to learn more about the clients we help and how they benefit from solar energy.

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Residential Solar Projects


11.5 kW

Soly is happy to have crafted a bespoke solution that is designed for comprehensive energy needs blending advanced technology with an eco-friendly solution for our client. With an installation of 21 solar panels and a home battery for energy storage our client will save almost R43,000 annually.

Capacity: 11.550 kW
Solution: Purchase
Solar panel brand: Jinko Solar
Battery brand: Volta Stage
Savings: R42,973 annually
Commissioned: 2023

Cape Town

6,6 kW

Another exciting residential project was successfully completed for our client in Cape Town ! We’ve installed both solar panels and a solar battery, achieving a remarkable system delivery for this home. Our team takes great pride in bringing this energy-efficient and sustainable solution to fruition, marking yet another step toward a brighter and smarter future

Capacity: 6,600 kW
Solution: Purchase
Solar panel brand: Jinko Solar
Battery brand: Deye
Savings: R37,730 annually
Commissioned: 2023


4.4 kW

The installation of eight solar panels marked a significant stride towards savings and sustainability for our client. At Soly It’s more than a project, it’s a commitment to forging sustainable pathways in every endeavour we undertake.

Capacity: 4.400 kW
Solution: Purchase
Solar panel brand: Jinko Solar
Battery brand: Dyness
Savings: R22,040 per year
Commissioned: 2023


2,7 kW

We are thrilled to showcase our latest successful residential installation for our client in Johannesburg. Soly is delighted to have brought a solar solution fitting for the unique lifestyle of this residence.

Capacity: 2,750 kW
Solution: Purchase
Solar panel brand: Jinko Solar
Battery brand: Dyness
Savings: R16,775 annually
Commissioned: 2023

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Commercial Solar Projects

Location: Stellenbosch, Cape Town

Knordhoek Farm

140 solar panels
Knordhoek farm chose to go solar as it contributes to a more sustainable future by reducing the farms carbon footprint. Solar energy also allows the farm to remain operational during loadshedding periods by using a battery back up installed.

Location: Stellenbosch
Capacity: 64.4 kW
Solution: Lease
Brand solar panel: Jinko Solar
Commissioned: December 2023


Rohloff Group - KFC Warehouse

36 solar panels
The Rohloff Group decided to install solar and battery back up to reduce their carbon footprint, mitigate load shedding disruptions and reduce energy costs. We are happy to have provided the best solar solutions for their warehouse.

Location: Firgrove
Capacity: 21.6 kW
Solution: Lease
Brand solar panel: Trina Solar
Commissioned: July 2023


Creation Wines

192 Solar Panels
Creation Wines is known for its passion and creativity in producing the highest quality of Wines! But not only are they great winemakers, they are also committed to the sustainability of the environment, where Soly plays a role.

Location: Hermanus
Capacity: 90 kW
Solution: Lease
Brand solar panel: Canadian Solar
Savings: 25%
% of energy usage covered by solar: 60%
Commissioned: August 2022



305 Solar Panels
This tulip farm is one of only two in the country and the only one that produces flowers throughout the year. As leading supplier to the major retailers, Bloomia has the ambition to cut water consumption and carbon emissions.

Location: Rawsonville
Capacity: 120,5 kW
Solution: Lease
Brand solar panel: Trina Solar
Savings: 10%
% of energy usage covered by solar: 40%
Commissioned: June 2021

Kuilsriver, Cape Town

Zevenwacht Wine Estate

884 Solar Panels
This iconic Capetonian wine farm decided to go solar, covering their cellar with Solar panels to soften the rising electricity costs. This beautiful installation by our installation team marks yet another great step in providing sustainable energy solutions for businesses in South Africa.

Location: Kuilsriver, Cape Town
Capacity: 313,8 kW
Solution: Lease
Brand solar panel: Jinko Solar
Savings: 45%
Commissioned: May 2021


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