Climate change is imminent. We are experiencing long-term repercussions; heat waves, dry spells, wildfires, heavy rainfall, and droughts, to name a few. Together with Soly, South Africa can play a role in diminishing it. There is a solution: South Africa has an abundance of renewable energy sources at its disposal. The solar irradiation levels found in South Africa are some of the highest in the world. We believe that it’s time for South Africa to take full advantage of their sunny weather. At Soly South Africa, our mission is to boost the developing economy of South Africa through sustainable, reliable, and clean solar energy. After all, the sun belongs to all of us, and it is time we start using its full potential towards green energy for all.

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One mission

In 2013, brothers Patrick and Milan van der Meulen founded Soly with one mission: to provide solar energy access to all.

The brothers are captivated by the potential of solar energy. It is an affordable, decentralised, and clean energy source. Years ago, the efficiency of solar panels and their feasibility was uncertain. The high investment costs dissuaded companies and homeowners. Solving this, Soly became the first solar provider in the Netherlands to offer a solar lease solution.

Today, Soly holds a vital role in the renewable energy transition for the developing economy of South Africa. We offer our solar lease solution for companies seeking to operate independently from the grid, all without a large initial investment.

Our sustainable journey

Soly throughout the years

From a dot on the horizon to a mission-driven organisation, every step brings us closer to a greener future. Soly’s journey over the years has been sunny. From a clear vision, we have grown to become a leading player in the solar industry. And with determination and innovation, we reach countless milestones, always keeping one mission in mind:

Solar energy for all. It is possible.

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Soly is PV GreenCard certified

The South African PV GreenCard has been developed to promote safe and high-quality Solar PV installations. It helps consumers and businesses recognize licensed installers with High Quality Installations. A quality assurance standard. Soly is proud of the fact that we recently acquired the PV GreenCard. It is confirmation of our focus on quality before, during and after solar panel installation. We are committed to delivering that same high quality every time.

Not just the best in the world, but the best for the world

We are a Certified B Corporation, which means we balance purpose and profit in everything we do. We take extra steps to improve our environment, promote social equality, and are transparent inside and outside our organization. Our customers see our B Corp qualities in everything we do, from initial contact to years after installation.

Soly in South Africa
In 2019, Soly expanded to South Africa. Located at the heart of Cape Town, Soly South Africa is developing new customised solutions to enable the transition of businesses and consumers to solar energy. The mission remains the same as it even suits South Africa better: demonstrating to the world that solar energy is a cheaper and sustainable source of power.


Soly South Africa features on Ontbytsake, Kyknet

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