Assure and reinforce the steadiness of your energy supply

Power outage and load shedding have become the order of the day in South Africa. This “normality” does not lessen their harsh effects on you as an end-user of energy. Your business operations are not sustained as they should, and the negative consequences for your sales and the bottom line are irrefutable. Luckily, there is a solution. Using Solar Battery Storage in combination with your solar energy system. Our battery solution is an easy one. In addition to either your Solar Lease or Solar Purchase, you can buy a Soly Solar Battery to complement your solar energy system. We take care of the Solar Battery installation and ensure you will get the most out of your solar energy system.


Solar battery profits

Solar battaries ensure optimal flexibility. Our battery can be connected to practically any type of inverter. In addition, the battery function is modular, so you can always expand it to a higher level if you want to store more energy, in line with an expansion of your solar system. The solar battery system that is ready for a sustainable future. Find out more about home battery capacity and prices. Would you like a personalised offer? Schedule a free consultation!

Protected against grid problems
Of course, the protection against grid problems is the number 1 profit of a solar battery system. It is supposed to be a back-up for load-shedding and will provide for a durable solution. No more blocking off the supply of energy for a large period of time. With a battery, you preserve as much of the energy yourself as possible.

Sustainable solution

Solar battery storage

No more worrying about load-shedding.

Load-shedding and power outages have resulted in a constraining energy supply to South African households and businesses. A stable energy supply is vital to your day-to-day life, and even more so to the success of your business. Luckily, there is a way for you to run your ‘business as usual’ even when the power is out using our Solar Battery Storage in combination with your solar energy system. No more worrying about disruptions in your energy supply. Re-focus your time and effort on what’s important, running your business!

Store energy. Save money.

Energy from fossil fuels is becoming increasingly expensive, and prices are still rising. To combat this, solar panels and solar battery storage give you clean energy without the need for using power from the main energy grid. Being reliant on the local energy grid means you will have to deal with power outages and load shedding. Having your processes regularly stopped hurts your business. Furthermore, batteries are estimated to reduce your energy bill by 35%. A profitable option to make your business grow.


Solar Battery pricing

At Soly, we offer a range of cutting-edge battery backup systems, and our team of experts is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions tailored to your home lifestyle.

Compact 5 kW Systems

R81,144incl. VAT

Perfect for smaller residential setups
Keeps essential appliances running
10-year product warranty
6000 charging cycles guaranteed

Robust 10 kW Systems

R110,124 - R123,924
incl. VAT

For larger homes or higher energy demands
Your home running smoothly even during extended blackouts
10-year product warranty
6000 charging cycles guaranteed

Extensive 15 kW Systems

R144,624 - R163,185
incl. VAT

Robust option for larger residential properties
Extended power supply during outages
10-year product warranty
6000 charging cycles guaranteed

A solar battery in 4 steps

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Use solar energy efficient

The Solar Battery feeds and automatically balances supply with your demand in a time of lower solar energy production from your solar energy system (morning and evening) and/or during power load-shedding from Eskom. Solar Battery storage also provides for high peak energy demands. The Solar Battery feeds your business and meets your needs at your convenience.


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