Ready for your own solar energy?

Solar panels have gained significant popularity in South Africa. You may have noticed that someone within your family or circle of friends has already made the switch. It could even be the company you work for or the neighbourhood you reside in. Choosing solar panels is a brilliant and sustainable step, benefiting not only your finances but also the world around us. Those who have already embraced solar panels are reaping the greatest rewards and enjoying the freedom of reduced dependence on the energy grid. Are you also tired of fluctuating energy prices and facing load-shedding issues? Join the thousands who have already made the switch to solar panels from Soly.

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Why choose Soly for your Solar panels?

Make the sustainable choice with Soly and opt for solar panels of the highest quality. When you choose us, you can enjoy all the advantages of solar energy along with robust warranties.

High quality solar panels

Our solar panels are continuously tested and certified. That means you always enjoy quality. That's what we stand for. Find out more about our solar panels and other products that'll help you on your way to a sustainable future.


Long-term warranties

One additional benefit of choosing Soly is our standard warranty that your solar panels will continue to operate at full capacity for years to come. We back this commitment with our yield and product warranties, among other measures.

Our products

Transparent costs

At Soly, we offer an excellent combination of competitive pricing and high energy yields. Our goal is to provide you with transparent information about the cost of solar panels, through our online and offline resources, while ensuring a personalized touch throughout your journey.

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How many solar panels do I need?

Would you like to calculate directly how many solar panels you need to meet your current and future energy demand? You can! We have even made it very easy with the Solar Configurator. An online tool to get a completely free insight into the possibilities of solar panels at your address. Discover, for example, more about the dimensions of solar panels and the space on your roof. Within three steps you will know more.

Calculating the Number of Solar Panels You Need
Are you curious about how many solar panels are necessary to meet your energy requirements effectively? The answer is just a few clicks away! Our Solar Configurator offers a convenient online tool that provides a detailed and complimentary assessment of solar panel possibilities tailored to your specific address. In just three simple steps, you can discover valuable insights into panel dimensions, roof space utilization, and more.

Opt for solar panel buy ór rent
At Soly, our global mission is to make solar energy as accessible as possible. This is why we have selected two different offers: Buy solar panels or Rent to Own solar systems. Both conducting to the same outcome: making it possible for you to achieve a more self sufficient energy supply at home. It’s the way forward.

Residential solar panels

Solar power from solar panels, which is a lot greener and more sustainable than power from fossil fuel sources.

Your Household Appliances: Solar power generated from solar panels is not only greener and more sustainable but also an efficient alternative to fossil fuel-based energy.
Here’s a helpful tip: optimize the usage of your solar power by scheduling your dishwasher or washing machine to run during sunny hours. Enhancing efficiency is the next step towards reducing your energy expenses.

Commercial solar panels

Buying or leasing solar panels for business is always a good choice, and wise investment. Investing in a higher energy label is no longer a luxury—it’s becoming a necessity. If you’re aiming to make your office building more sustainable, installing solar panels on your roof is an excellent starting point. By generating your own solar power, you can achieve even more, such as transitioning your vehicle fleet to electric. Explore the endless possibilities that await you.


How to calculate financial benefits of solar PV?

The yield from solar panels depends on several factors, such as the slope angle and orientation of your roof, as well as the number of sunlight hours during the year. South Africa’s climate is ideally suited to solar panels. The country has a high average number of sunshine hours per year, which makes for excellent yields in terms of solar energy. Want to know the exact yield of solar panels? Request a free quotation or visit our Configurator, in which you can simply calculate the expected cost, return and payback period on solar panels for free.

What are the benefits of solar panels?

Generating clean solar energy is incredibly popular. Did you know the number of residential and commercial sales of solar panels are on the rise? So we are doing very well, and are increasingly aware of the great benefits of solar panels.

Understanding the Benefits of Solar Panels

The popularity of clean solar energy is skyrocketing, with a noticeable increase in residential and commercial sales of solar panels. We are making great strides and becoming increasingly aware of the tremendous advantages that solar panels offer.

✓ Savings on energy costs
The No. 1 reason why more and more households are deciding to buy or rent solar panels, as it allows for substantial savings on energy costs. Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) generated by your solar panels means one less kWh drawn from the energy grid. It’s a win-win situation in today’s world.

✓ Good for the world
And therefore good for you. Solar panels provide a positive impact on the climate and environment, because you need to call on the traditional energy grid less often. Your personal CO2 emissions are therefore lower.

✓ Higher property or home value
Investing in solar panels also creates a favourable situation on paper. After all, your business premises or house becomes more valuable thanks to a higher energy label. So you not only save, but also indirectly have more financial benefit if you want to buy your home.

✓ Your local partner
Soly is your regional partner in solar panels. We are always nearby in Cape Town and also beyond throughout the Western Cape region. But that’s not all, we are expanding to a national scale, such as to the Gauteng region. We take pride in offering reliable and accessible support throughout your solar journey, ensuring that you have a hassle-free experience and enjoy the benefits of solar energy.”

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Go solar with Soly

To set up a no-obligation consultation, we ask you to leave your details so we can contact you. At the heart of your solar system are solar panels. Join our sustainable revolution in South Africa. Discover the benefits of solar energy at your home. The consultation will give you:

  • Exactly how much you could save with solar panels
  • A free, no-obligation quote on high quality solar panels
  • Industry leading performance guarantees for 25 years

Free and without obligation

Schedule your appointment with Soly over here


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