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Load-shedding, power outages, and rising electricity prices have resulted in a constraining energy supply for energy users like you. Energy supply insecurity prevents you from running your business the way you would like to. Moreover, non-renewable energy is known as one of the main sources of carbon emissions, detrimental to the environment. To combat climate change and the limited, costly energy supply, thousands of businesses, farmers, educational institutions, and households made the transition to solar power, as it is a secure alternative; financially and environmentally. Make your business more independent from the grid, and ultimately enjoy business as usual without any disruptions.

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Solar Purchase makes you the owner of your fully functioning solar power system. You will be less dependent on the grid, and free from rising electricity prices. From day one, your energy costs will drop. Produced energy surplus will be fed to the national energy grid, providing you with extra income.

No more power disruptions

A safe and secure energy supply

Businesses in South Africa are heavily reliant on an alarmingly unstable energy grid. Secure a guaranteed supply of your own green energy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Guarantee your business’ continuity by preventing disruption of your internal processes due to power outage or load shedding.

Going Green

For a sustainable future
Solar energy does not only present energy security and economic advantages. The return on investment goes far beyond. Above all, it is a source of long-term green energy supply. With solar energy, your business contributes to reducing South Africa’s total amount of carbon emissions. As a business, you also have a responsibility to help create a more sustainable earth.

Four steps to your own Solar System

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A customised proposal

After an introductory consultation with one of our advisors, we make a customised proposal. By means of special aerial imagery, we investigate, remotely and in real time, your roof in order to determine the number of solar panels needed. Almost every oblique or flat roof is suitable. However, the roof should have a minimum surface of 500m2



When you approve the proposal of the advisor, we will draw up the lease contract. Among other aspects, it mentions the number of solar panels, your bill, and the description of the steps to follow. After affixing your signature, we proceed with the arrangements of the project.



This step concerns the technical arrangement of the project by our engineers. Together with you, the project manager checks the activities involved for the installation along with the planning. He or she represents your point of contact to which you may have recourse, and will be informing you about the progress of the project.



The installation of the solar systems will be carried out during this last phase. We arrange everything and align all related aspects with you. After completion of the installation activities, the solar panels are connected to your power grid. Then, starts the first generation of solar energy and the kick-off of your savings.

Battery Storage

Solar battery storage provides a stable energy supply
Load-shedding and power outages can severely disrupt businesses and households. A stable energy supply is vital for both day-to-day life and business success. Solar battery storage systems offer a way to keep your business running, even when the power is out. With solar battery storage, you don't have to worry about disruptions


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