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We are quickly transitioning to alternative sources of energy. More and more businesses and public institutions like farms, manufacturing companies, and schools are transitioning to solar power. Even though the prices of solar power systems have dropped over the years, investing in Solar PV and PV storage systems is still capital intensive. Luckily, we have the perfect solar solution that requires zero investment! Our Solar Lease offers a guaranteed energy supply, that is financially advantageous, and contributes to your company’s sustainable image. Enjoy the full benefits of going solar, hassle-free, with no capital outlay and experience immediate savings as soon as your system is installed.

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Solar panels lease

At Soly you will be able to lease a complete state-of-the-art solar energy system, while we takes care of everything. You do not need to invest a cent, but you will still save on your energy bill. At the end of the 10-year lease period, the power system will be yours. After that, you will still enjoy commercial solar energy from your own roof for at least 20 years. A solid investment in a sustainable future for your company.

We take care of everything
an easy, hassle-free switch

As your solar power installers, we take care of everything. Our solar consultants advise you on the number of solar panels, optimal size of the installation and backup solutions. We also take care of the financing, installation, maintenance, monitoring and performance guarantee. All you need to do is make your roof available! It’s that easy.

Going Green
Sustainable Responsibility
Today most - if not all - businesses recognise that climate change is a problem. Going solar can market your company as one that cares about the community and the environment. It adds to the positive image of your brand while encouraging customers to choose you over your competitors. We believe the future of clean energy in South Africa is now. Solar energy for all. It’s possible.

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Data Intake and Assessment

After analysing your businesses location and energy needs, you will receive a unique proposal, giving you insight into the products, savings, power output and emission reduction.

Consultation and Site Visit

An Soly representative will meet you. We will assess all the technical aspects and start a more detailed process including appointing a solar installer.

Planning and Installation

After the final evaluation of the project and signing of a contract, we ensure your solar energy installation is delivered with the highest standards.

Maintenance and Monitoring

You will be able to monitor the power generated using an app. Soly guarantees the insurance, warranties and maintenance.

Solar Battery
Our load shedding solution
Load-shedding and power outages have resulted in a constraining energy supply to South African businesses. A stable energy supply is vital to your day-to-day life, and even more so to the success of your business. Luckily, there is a way for you to run your ‘business as usual’ during a power outage, using our Solar Battery Storage in combination with your solar energy system. No more worrying about disruptions in your energy supply.

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