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Every home's energy requirements are as unique as the individuals who live within them. We understand that, and that's why we've curated three exceptional solar packages to cater to your unique needs. Each package only has Tier 1 components, which comprise of solar panels for your home, an inverter and battery backup system to ensure that energy is available even when the sun isn't shining. Based on your average electricity spend per month you can determine more or less the size of the solar system and package you may need for your home. Financing also available.

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Smart Solar Packages

3.3 kW package


If your electricity spend is:
*R1000 – R2500pm

6 x 550Wp Panels
Hybrid inverter (5kW)
2-3 hours battery backup (5kWh)
Certified installation
Tier 1 components
Registration & COC

4.4 kW package


If your electricity spend is:
*R2500 – R4000pm

8 x 550Wp Panels
Hybrid inverter (5kW)
4-5 hours battery backup (10kWh)
Certified installation
Tier 1 components
Registration & COC

7.7 kW package


If your electricity spend is:

14 x 550Wp Panels
Hybrid inverter (8kW)
6+ hours battery backup (10kWh)
Certified installation
Tier 1 components
Registration & COC

What are your household needs?

Household 1: Looking for reliable backup power for lights, Wi-Fi, laptops, entertainment, and essential appliances? Our 3.3kWp package, priced at *R115k, is the ideal fit for your lifestyle.

Household 2: Need to power up the same appliances as Household 1 plus a geyser and a pool pump? Our 4.4kWp package, priced at *R145k, has you covered.

Household 3: Ready to go all-in with power backup for lights, Wi-Fi, laptops, entertainment, appliances, a geyser, pool pump, air conditioning, and a 3-phase borehole pump? Our 7.7kWp package, priced at *R190k, is designed for your comprehensive energy needs.

Choose the package that suits your unique requirements and enjoy the benefits of reliable, sustainable power. Contact us today to get started!


*Every household expenditure is distinct, pricing and the specifications of its components serve as a guide. Current packages displayed are inclusive of VAT.



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    Battery Backup storage capacity

    One of the key considerations when investing in a solar battery backup is the size of the system. Understanding the usable capacity of your battery backup system is essential for making an informed decision when selecting the right solar system for your home. Whether you’re looking for a compact 3.3kW system, a robust 4.4kW solution, or an extensive 7.7kW battery when going solar, we’re here to provide the support and expertise you need to make the right choice.

    Calculating the energy generation of solar panels

    Want to calculate how much power solar panels can generate and how many panels you will need for your house? This can be done using our calculator. In today’s fast evolving world with the increasing energy prices, sustainable investments lead to substantial monthly savings on electricity bills. The greater the savings, the quicker you’ll recover your initial investment when going solar. Explore comprehensive insights into the performance of solar panels by clicking the button below.

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