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A Simple Guide to embarking on your solar journey with Soly

Our streamlined process, guided by precision and expertise, ensures a seamless transition to solar power. Discover the ease of going solar with Soly and let the sun power your way to energy independence!

1: Explore with Solar Configurator
Pro Tip: Personal Advice for Precision
2: Receive Your Tailored Quotation
3: Seamless Installation Process


Start your solar journey

To set up a no-obligation consultation, we ask you to leave your details so we can contact you. Solar panels are at the heart of the sustainable revolution. Discover the benefits of solar energy at your home. The consultation will give you:

  • Exactly how much you could save with solar panels
  • Comprehensive support from an experienced adviser
  • Industry leading performance guarantees for 25 years

Free and without obligation

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    Step 1

    Explore with Solar Configurator

    The first step towards a sustainable and cost-effective energy future begins with our Solar Configurator. Visit our website and input details about your address, type of home, current electricity expenses, roof specifications, and more. In just a minute, unlock the possibilities of solar panels tailored to your needs. Discover the number of panels required, the cost, and the potential savings on your bills.

    Pro Tip: Personal Advice for Precision
    Wondering about the ideal number of solar panels for your unique situation? Once you’ve navigated the Solar Configurator, our team of solar experts is ready to provide personalised advice. We understand that each home is distinct, and our guidance ensures your solar setup aligns perfectly with your requirements.

    Step 2

    Receive Your Tailored Quotation

    After obtaining insights from our Solar Configurator and seeking personalised advice, you’ll receive a customised proposal – a roadmap for your solar journey. This proposal is obligation-free, allowing you to review and decide at your own pace. The detailed quotation outlines the cost, specifications, and benefits of your solar panel installation.

    Step 3

    Seamless Installation Process

    Once you’ve reviewed and accepted the proposal, we swiftly move into action. Our expert team ensures a seamless installation process, bringing your solar vision to life as efficiently as possible. From mounting panels on your roof to connecting them to your energy system, we handle every aspect with precision and care.

    Why choose Soly?

    Are you looking for a solid party to install solar panels and/or a solar battery? Find out why it’s best to choose Soly.

    ✓ Solar Efficiency
    Our Solar Configurator streamlines the process, providing quick and accurate insights into your solar needs.

    ✓ Personalised Guidance
    Benefit from expert advice to tailor your solar solution for optimal performance.

    ✓ Transparent Quotation
    Receive a detailed proposal outlining costs, specifications, and expected savings.

    ✓ Swift Installation
    Once you’re ready to proceed, our team ensures a hassle-free installation, bringing solar power to your doorstep.

    Begin Your Solar Journey Today!
    At Soly, we believe in making the transition to solar energy accessible and straightforward. Follow these simple steps, and take the first stride towards a greener, more economical energy future. Start with our Solar Configurator, and let the sun power your path to energy independence!


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