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Do I need battery storage?

You may not need a battery, as a solar energy system will function without it. There are advantages to having solar battery backup for specific energy solutions, though not required for everyone. A backup battery is useful for when the grid is unavailable or when you want to minimise your electricity usage. For example, making use of stored solar energy can help decrease your electricity bill and your dependence on the grid itself.

Benefits of a battery

South Africa have been suffering over the consequences of load-shedding and power outage in the past several years. The risk of power outages is not a pleasant idea for many businesses – and households. It can shut down production or spoil supplies, with financial consequences as a result. In other words, avoiding those risks is important. Battery storage is able to do just that.

Solar battery storage

An energetic solution

Access to power wherever and whenever you want it. Battery storage is destined to be the next stage in the sustainable future of South Africa. It’s reliable in times when you doubt the reliability of the power grid. Businesses both in urban and rural areas can reap the benefits of opting for solar panels in conjunction with battery storage. An investment that will be profitable once you are no longer a load-shedding victim. Are you ready to take it to another level?

Save money while storing energy

Make your business independent from the grid

We have known a long lasting love-hate relationship with the grid in South Africa. Though we depand upon it, it’s mostly unrelaible. Because of that, more and more people are looking for sustainable and definitive options to make their business more independent from the grid. Battery storage is an investment worth the stretch. We will install the battery at your behalf – within a matter of time – in order to let you profit from battery storage ASAP. A quick win for companies with longterm benefits.

How does battery storage work?

Once you are making the move towards battery storage, you’ll find out a lot of potential risks regarding power outage are past tense. In fact, battery storage works as following: during the day your solar system will generate a huge amount of solar energy. Mostly more than applicable for your household. This surplus of energy is stored on a battery, and could be used at times that your solar panels are out of work, for instance when it’s dark. And even during power outages or load-shedding, the battery will still provide for your energy demand.

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