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How many solar panels do I need?

This is often the first question people ask themselves in the orientation phase for solar panels. Ideally, you want to install just enough solar panels to "cover" your annual power consumption. This means that you will be less dependent on the national power grid, and the power you don't use can be netted. If there is a lot more space on the roof, and the budget allows, you can of course opt for more solar panels. This is ideal from the perspective of a future higher energy demand. So how many solar panels do you need to provide energy for now and in the future?

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Determining the number of solar panels

If you know the yield per solar panel and your annual electricity consumption, then you also know how many solar panels you need to be energy-neutral. This means that over a whole year you will no longer need to use the electricity grid. However, it is then important to also look into the future. The situation at home can always change. For example, are you going to buy a heat pump?

  • The factors that determine how many solar panels you need:
  • The normal yield of a solar panel
  • Your own energy or electricity consumption on an annual basis
  • Sustainable (electrical) investments in the future
  • The type of solar panel – solar energy is a growing market
  • Situation on the roof: inclination, orientation and dimensions

When choosing solar panels, get no-obligation advice on the possibilities. Soly employees will be happy to tell you more.

Is my roof suitable for solar panels?
To what extent is your roof suitable for solar panels? That depends on a number of factors, such as the angle of inclination, orientation and dimensions. The chance of shade on the roof can also influence the choice for solar panels. It is even possible that we advise not to install the solar panels on the roof of your house, but on the roof of the garage. The return from solar panels is always the starting point.


Calculate annual energy consumption

Calculating your own power consumption and determining exactly how many solar panels you need. It can be done. And it ensures that you save a lot of money at the end of each month. If you want to know how much energy you consume in your home, it is of course possible to multiply the wattage per appliance by the duration of use. However, that is a crude snapshot, which doesn’t help you much. As a customer, you can very easily find your annual energy consumption in your supplier’s annual statement. That way you are exactly aware of your current power demand.


Annual yield solar panels

To accurately assess the potential of solar panels, we consider their capacity, measured in Watt peak. This crucial information allows us to provide you with targeted insights into the annual yield of solar panels. Additionally, the choice of inverter capacity is based on the maximum output of a solar panel. Although our panels may be slightly larger than standard sizes, they ensure the highest possible energy generation.

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Financial benefits from solar panels

If you’re looking to fully leverage the advantages of the balancing scheme until its current term expires in 2025, it has always been recommended to align the number of solar panels precisely with your electricity consumption. This approach ensures you derive the maximum benefits from net-metering. However, if you anticipate the need for additional solar panels in the future, such as for an electric car, it is wise to consider installing them now. Adding extra panels at a later stage may be less financially advantageous, and with the energy-saving scheme set to phase out at an accelerated pace after 2025, the timeframe for reaping its benefits becomes limited.

Why do we advise this? Solar panels are, besides being a sustainable investment for the world, also an important part of the energy transition. This will manifest itself in many ways in the coming decades. Want to know how many solar panels you need? Think ahead.


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