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Founders of Soly met with climate activist Al Gore

In March 2019, the founders of Soly, the brothers Patrick and Milan van der Meulen, attended the Porto Summit in Portugal. During the event, the ambassadors and participants of the ‘Porto Protocol’ gathered for three days, in a congress with the aim of implementing concrete measures that address the climate issue. The first two days were marked by the consideration of the impact of climate change on Porto’s major export product: wine. The third day witnessed the intervention of Al Gore, the former American vice-President, the greatest inspiration for the brothers Patrick and Milan van der Meulen.

In addition, as an aside to the meeting, the brothers met personally with Al Gore and had thereafter a toast with the regional stakeholders in regard to the climate agreements made during the congress.

The Porto Summit

The Porto Summit took place from 5th to 7th March 2019. During the first edition in 2018, the ex- American President Barack Obama, among others, held a speech about the responsibility of cooperating to offset the climate change. In that year, the focus was on finding solutions to the threat represented by the persisting droughts for the wine industry.

Climate Reality Leaders

The presence of Patrick and Milan van der Meulen is motivated by the gathering, during the event, of all coordinators of the Al Gore organisation. Since 2015 the two brothers are overseeing the Climate Reality Program in the Benelux (Belgium- the Netherlands- Luxembourg). The Programme is set up by the Nobel price’s winner Al Gore, with the aim of accelerating worldwide, the combat against the climate change. During the last day of the Porto Summit, Al Gore held an inspiring speech about the need of cooperating against the climate change and about the hope for the future in the same regard.

Portugal and sustainability

In March 2018, Portugal produced more sustainable energy than it had consumed. The country is fully engaged in renewable energy and has demonstrated that the adoption of such power source is possible. Such narratives give us the inspiration and motivation to work hard, also in South Africa for the energy transition. Together with all farmers, schools, businesses, and households we aim at sustaining the green revolution and make solar energy accessible for all.