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The benefits of solar energy

In South Africa, we have experienced warm and sunny summers. Several records are already off the books in terms of sunshine hours. Good news as far as we're concerned. And even nicer if you have solar panels, because the extra hours of sunshine will give you extra high yields. Don't have solar panels on your roof yet, but might want to? We would be happy to tell you more about the benefits of solar panels.

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Solar panels

An investment for now and the future

Are you already thinking about how you can live more comfortably in the future? Solar panels make life more advantageous now and in the long term. Find out more about the advantages of solar panels at your address with Soly.

Lower energy bills
An average household in South Africa spends R2.558 per kWh for energy. That’s quite a lot. Solar panels can offset some of those costs. Despite the fact that South Africa is generally not the sunniest country, with enough solar panels one can still compensate for the entire energy consumption. This also applies to larger households.

On sunny spring and summer days, solar panels are busy generating energy all day. If you generate more energy than you consume, you are allowed to balance your consumption; supplying power back to the grid. By means of the net-metering scheme, your actual energy consumption and the power supplied back to the grid are offset against each other. Increasingly, this allows households to offset their annual energy consumption up to NetZero. And even if this is not the case, you can still enjoy a significantly lower energy bill. Which is nice in this day and age.

Contribution to a sustainable world
Solar panels function on the basis of the pure energy of the sun. By installing solar panels, you are helping to reduce CO₂ emissions worldwide because you don’t have to use traditional, polluting energy sources. That “gray energy” is generated using fossil fuels, and that has the opposite effect: it creates a high level of CO₂ emissions, thus negatively affecting air pollution and the climate.

However, it does not stop there: most of today’s energy is generated by burning fossil fuels, such as natural gas and coal. Within this process, much water is wasted. Thus, during a dry period, energy generation comes under pressure. This is in stark contrast to solar energy: during dry and sunny periods, solar panels even reach their peak performance, and no water is wasted at all to generate energy.

Thanks to your solar system

Increasing home value

One detail that is often underplayed is the increase in the value of your home. Most people looking for a new home are aware of the value of renewable energy and insulation. Buyers are more willing to overbid when they take advantage of the sustainable benefits of solar panels after purchase. Lower energy costs and an improved energy label. On top of that, solar panels increase the quality and expected life of the roof. This is because the solar system protects your roof from rain, wind and pollution. This also saves you money at the bottom line, albeit in the form of savings.


Little maintenance required

The fact that solar panels are a solid investment is evident in the long run. The system requires little maintenance, despite the fact that the lifespan of solar panels is at least 30 years. Exceptionally, you can clean the solar panels, but it is not necessary. We think that’s pretty unique. The great thing is that with solar panels you save energy and money from day one, your home becomes more valuable and you contribute to a cleaner world. All benefits, without you having to worry about it. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong with the system, insurance and guarantees provide the desired financial cover.


Solar panels are affordable for everyone

To make the energy transition successful, it is important to make solar energy accessible to everyone. This has not always been the case. In the past, people had only one choice for solar panels: buy them. A hefty investment, but with the short payback period of solar panels resulting in immediate savings on energy bills. However, buying is not as accessible to everyone due to the high initial cost. Nowadays there is an alternative: in addition to buying solar panels, one can also choose to rent solar panels.

Renting solar panels is a construction without initial costs. Instead, you pay in fixed monthly installments. The yield (or savings) is always higher than the monthly amount you have to pay, and so – as with buying solar panels – you benefit from day 1 from the main advantage of solar panels. A lower energy bill.


Knowledge Base

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