We are a B Corp

Thousands of new Soly customers switch to solar energy with us every year. This not only indicates the growth of our sustainable business, but also has a direct impact on the planet, our supply chain, and countless stakeholders. As a certified B Corp, we do everything in our power to ensure our customers, employees, factory workers, and the environment feel a positive impact. Being a B Corp is no easy task, but this certification holds us to the highest standards and ensures that we examine ourselves critically, bringing out the best in Soly. We set extremely high standards for ourselves, as outlined in our new Sustainability Report. The standards are high, but it is precisely these standards that give us energy.

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What is B Corp exactly?

Certified B Corporations use their company as means to create change, making the earth a better place for everyone. B Corps, such as Tony’s Chocolonely, Ben & Jerry’s, and Patagonia, are on a mission to revolutionize how businesses go about.

Each company seeking B Corp Certification goes through a rigorous test in which companies need to prove their positive impact on their employees, the environment, and their customers. In 2021, we scored 100.2 points out of a possible 200, no easy feat considering the industry average is 50.9.

NetZero 2030

We will reach net-zero emissions by 2030

As we install more solar energy systems, our energy consumption will inevitably increase. This is why we committed on the podium of the UN Climate Summit in 2019 to become completely CO₂ neutral by 2030, 20 years ahead of the historic Paris Climate Agreement. With this commitment, we will show that it is possible to operate an exponentially-growing business without harming the environment. Company growth without emissions growth is possible.

Our Sustainability Report


To be CO₂ neutral before 2030, we have to get to work. We set out by mapping the emissions of our entire product chain; from our colleagues’ bus journeys to the shipment of our solar panels from Shanghai to Rotterdam.

This comprehensive report reveals exactly what we emit, where those emissions come from, and – most importantly – how we reduce and offset these emissions.

Where our products come from

As a B Corp, we stand for complete transparency. In the Climate Impact Report, you can see which manufacturers work with us and why we work with them. Below, you can see where our products come from and the journey they take to reach our customers.


From raw materials to finished products

Raw materials from across the globe are processed into end products in various factories in Eastern China.


All Aboard

Finished products are transported to Shanghai, loaded onto crates, and are shipped to Rotterdam.


Ready for Action

From Rotterdam, products are transported to our warehouse in Rosmalen. When needed, they are shipped to installations throughout the Netherlands.

Our Policies

At Soly, we understand the importance of a healthy work culture and shared values among all our Soly employees. That is why we have several documents that describe what we expect from ourselves and our colleagues. Listed below are links to read our policies.

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We're B Corp recertified!
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