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Solarcheck: why do we need location data?

As you might by this point, we are opting for location data as we are calculating the opportunities of solar panels on your address. This might seem as a big step; sharing information about your location. Online, without knowing who we are and what we do exactly. However, based on your location, we can give you a specific indication of the possibilities of solar energy at your address. This provides for a smooth, quick and efficient process.

Location data for solar energy
South Africa is one of the countries with the highest solar irradiation levels in the world. This means there’s lots of potential for solar energy. Considering the fact that South Africa is a big nation, the solar potential between different areas varies as well. Should we want to present an indication on how much solar energy you can generate, we’ll need location data as a prime metric. With the information concerning your location, we are able to give you an accurate estimate of the solar irradiation and the potential revenue at your address.

As shown above, the areas further in-land and predominantly to the west are ideal locations for solar energy.

How does the Solarcheck work?
You might not want to give us all information forehanded, as we understand. This is why we kept our Solarcheck relatively general. Regarding your location, we’ll only ask you to provide information on the street and city you live in, without specification of a house number. Based on the location, we can deliver a detailed indication of the solar potential, while not having to reveal too much information. And it’s all free of obligation.

How we handle your location data 
Our Solarcheck is, as we mentioned, free of obligation. Therefore, you are still free to find an offer somewhere else. After running the check, we’ll give you an option to share some personal information. As you do, we will store the data temporarily, may you want to accept our offer at a later stage.

Solar check Cape Town

Did you know we are specialised in several areas across South Africa? Soly could be found in both Cape Town and Johannesburg at the moment, and we are expending our efforts onto the mainland. If you're looking for a clean calculation on the solar potential near Cape Town, we are happy to provide information designated to the region.

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If you have any more questions regarding the Solarcheck or location data, please feel free to let us know. We are here for you.
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