The opportunities for solar energy in Cape Town

The number of people and businesses moving towards solar energy in Cape Town grows more and more each day. Solar systems are a solid and sustainable investment in the future. Furthermore, it provides a decisive solution against the problems we have been facing concerning load-shedding. Soly has helped numerous companies make the smooth transition to solar. We can lower your energy bill and contribute to a sustainable world. Do you ever wonder what solar energy could do for you in Cape Town?

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Save money and conserve energy

Did you know the Cape Town region has an average of approximately 3.100 hours of sunshine per year? It just goes to show we are perfectly positioned on the equator and ideal location for solar energy. You’ll be able to save both energy and money thanks to solar panels on the surface of your roof.

Want to know in advance what you can save using a solar system?
You can request a free quote and Soly will get to you with a personalised offer. Based on the annual energy usage of your company, we will be able to make an accurate estimation of the size of your solar system. Within three working days we’ll provide you with a personal offer, paving the way for you to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy. It’s very easy, and our expert team are here to help you find your own solar solution in Cape Town.

A solid way to save money on electricity
Generate your own sustainable energy
An investment that pays off from the start
Great to combine with a battery

Why solar systems for your business?

As the electricity crisis in South Africa continues to get worse, It is now more than ever necessary to invest in a decentralised future for your company. With Soly your business will not only be able to function during load-shedding, but you will also reap all the rewards of sustainable energy & savings on electricity costs.

So find out which solar solutions best fits your business needs, solar system purchase or solar system lease. Two different solutions that share the same goal: independence from the energy grid and a sustainable step toward a stable future.


Solar system purchase

So why invest in purchasing a solar system for your business venture? Well, it’s actually the most cost-efficient and thus benefitial option available. When there’s enough capital available to make the investment, we suggest you always go along with solar system purchase. This way, you’ll become a full owner of the system from day one, which means all solar energy generated after installation is all yours. You’ll benefit from a short-term payback period, in which your business operations can be completely decentralized.

Wondering if buying solar panels is possible for your business? Then request a no-obligation quote and we will get back to you with a personalized offer.


Solar system lease

As an alternative, you’ll be able to opt for the solar system lease solution. How does it work? First of all, Soly will provide for the installation of the solar system at your business venue, which will be completely free of payment. After installation, you enjoy all the benefits of solar panels. However, you’ll now be paying a fixed price for leasing the solar panels over a period of 10 years. The lease-solution has a big advantage: the solar panels are free with installation, so getting in is very low cost.

Would you like to know the possibilities of solar system lease for your business? Please request a free quote in the form below.

Are you ready to invest in solar energy?

This is how it works

First of all, we would like you to fill in all of your personal information, based on your companies’ address. Then decide which solution you prefer: buying or leasing solar panels. In addition, you can now also give us an indication of your annual electricity usage. Do you have any remarks that might affect your quote? Please let us know!

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    Knowledge base

    As we fully understand, investing in a full-scale solar system is not something you do every day. This is why we have a knowledge base. Here you can find more information about our products and services.
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    The impact of load shedding on the agriculture sector
    The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has agreed to increase electricity prices by 18.65%, effective from 1 April 2023. What are the implications?
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    Do I need battery storage?
    You may not need a battery, as a solar energy system will function without it. There are however advantages to having solar battery backup for specific energy solutions.
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    What is the solar panel Peak Power?
    When opting for solar purchase or solar lease, then the term Peak Power comes around all of the time. What are we talking about when discussing the Peak Power of solar panels?

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