The cost and yield of 6 solar panels

Are you curious about the cost of 6 solar panels and would you like to know more about the payback period? Take the step towards 100% renewable energy together with Soly. Solar energy makes you less dependent on the electricity grid and results in direct savings on your energy bill. Very convenient in this day and age! A system with 6 solar panels costs on average between R43.000 to R47.000. Within our SolarCheck you can also directly calculate the yield from 6 solar panels. This gives an excellent indication of the payback time.

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Calculate the cost of 6 solar panels

What 6 solar panels will cost you depends on a number of aspects. We would like to tell you how the solar panel price is established. Are you opting for buying solar panels? Then you pay a full-scale solar panels price and after installation you’ll become a full owner of the complete solar system. From that moment on, you will start saving energy and money every month. The average price of 6 solar panels is around R45,000. However, the final price depends on the situation on the roof, the choice of a parallel or series system and the materials required.

Saving on energy

Efficiency 6 solar panels

The return on investment of 6 solar panels is somewhere around 3.500 kWh annualy, and depends on the angle of inclination and orientation of the roof, among other things. We even see regional differences within South Africa in the number of sun hours per year, so the yield in Cape Town can be different than in Pretoria. We have included all the factors that determine the return of 6 solar panels in our SolarCheck. This gives an excellent indication of the yield from solar panels at your address.

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Is my roof suitable for 6 solar panels?

Every roof is different. A gutter or chimney can affect the space for solar panels on the roof. Do you want to know whether your roof is suitable for 6 solar panels? We also make that clear in the Solar Configurator. A fully integrated tool in which we look at your roof from a helicopter view and from the front of the house. We tell you all about the possibilities of 6 solar panels on the roof.

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What will you pay for 6 solar panels?
How many people do you share the household with? Power consumption determines energy demand.

What is possible?
Check it out in our no-obligation Solar Configurator. Within a minute you can see what is possible at your address. Do you opt for SolarBuy or SolarRent? Within our simulation program we calculate the costs for 6 solar panels and give a sharp indication of the yield.

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Understanding Solar Panel Costs

Solar energy is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of sustainable living, offering both environmental benefits and substantial savings on energy bills. If you’re considering embracing this clean and renewable energy source, you might be wondering: How much does it cost to install 6 solar panels? Let’s explore the intricacies of solar panel costs, the potential benefits, and how to determine if your home is a prime candidate for solar.

The Cost and Benefits of 6 Solar Panels:
Costs can vary based on factors such as your geographical location, solar panel quality, installation complexities, and available incentives. On average, a 6-panel solar system can range from R56 800 and upwards, including installation. While this initial investment may seem significant, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs.

Understanding Solar Panel Costs:
Determining the exact cost of installing 6 solar panels involves multiple factors. Firstly, your home’s energy consumption, roof type (flat or pitched), and local climate play a role. Additionally, available solar incentives and tax credits can significantly reduce the upfront expense.

How the Price is Constructed
The components that contribute to the total cost include:
✓ 6 solar panels
✓ Inverter (potentially with optimizers)
✓ Mounting materials
✓ Cables
✓ Installer costs
✓ Transportation expenses

Keep in mind that with Soly with a set 6 of solar panels, you must have at least 11.52 m² of free space on the roof. Above that is a margin for the distance to the edge of the roof. Prior to installation, we make a comprehensive online roof scan to make sure your roof is suitable for 6 solar panels.

Savings on Energy
While the upfront cost may give pause, consider the long-term savings. By generating your electricity, you can potentially eliminate or drastically reduce monthly energy bills. Over time, the savings can surpass your initial investment, offering a compelling return on investment.

Is Your Roof Ideal? Discover the Potential Power Generation
Before diving into solar installation, assess your roof’s suitability. Ideally, your roof should receive ample sunlight with minimal shading throughout the day. An unobstructed south-facing roof is generally optimal for energy generation. Online solar calculators can estimate your potential power output based on your location, roof angle, and panel efficiency. By understanding your potential power generation, you can make an informed decision about the feasibility of solar for your home.


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